Sep. 25th, 2003

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Mr. Terje Welle-Busk is something of a national hero. he has brought countless hours of music to the public outside of regular music stores. distributed on gas stations and convenience stores nationwide, each artist signed to him is guaranteed to sell. and it's really affordable.

in other words, mass produced country music.

how he managed to get two of his artists into the same program of the Norwegian version of the "Ready, steady - cook" concept, airing on national TV as I write this, is nothing less than an astounding feat of PR eptitude.

the artists in question are Heidi Hauge and Ann Taylor, the former being by far the most well known and popular. but what prompted me to write an entry on this was the fact that the latter, given NOK 100 to shop food for, brought in a packet of sausages, 4 potatoes, and a can of beans in tomato juice.

that's proper c&w attitude for you. respect.
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I'm sure some of you can relate to this.

sometimes I need to buy cigarettes right here and now. luckily we have our infamous videostore open 24h just down the block, so the availability is not a problem.

the problem is the price, which is about 1/6 higher there than in regular shops during daytime.

now, which is the more economic way to do this:

do I still go for the usual budget pack of 20 100mms, knowing that buying in bulk makes for a slight rebate, or do I cut my losses and invest in a 10-pack of regular king size for once, even though the actual bang for the buck is significantly less?

I've been wondering about this for a long time.


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