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now WLW is out of beta, I thought it might provide an excuse for me to return to the keyboard, so to speak.

has MS made a killer app with this one? so far, it's a real WYSIWYG experience. feels slightly weird, though. I don't know if I'll delete this post after the fact. might, might not.

haven't seen any sign of current moods or music. and their tagging solution is still a little mysterious to me, for all its simplistic syntax. then, there was the atrocious WLW download/install page, which very nearly threw me off the entire project.

let's see what kind of plugins we'll get, in any case.

and let's see if WLW really is making everything in existence (and logging it) more fun.

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there is much bliss, satisfaction and contentment to be found in the small things in life, my friends.

take this, for instance:

I just got in from having sat at Divan for the better part of two hours spent chitchatting with the bartender and consuming eight - 8 - medium sized cups of tea.

obviously I was in a bit of a hurry to get home.

and rarely have I felt such relief from, uhm, relieving.

the most vital and important things in life are very wisely designed to feel good by default. like good food. and warmth. and sex. and, ah, the other basal needs.

almost makes you think the Creator is one of the good guys after all.

RotK times

Dec. 17th, 2003 08:56 am
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and I don't even have a ticket and don't know when to watch it.

I'm in no way disinclined to see the movie, only we sort of didn't buy tickets. let's see if we'll be able to catch it when we return from home.

I can't really feel the rush, the surge this time.

maybe we've got the TT-EE by then, too. would have liked to see it once more before going to RotK.

but everybody having an interest in this event and the fandom surrounding it needs to read today's Dork Tower. if you don't subscribe to its LJ syndication, that is.

that's all for now. ta.
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Asked by a reporter to respond to German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's suggestion that the procedures for the reconstruction of Iraq might be affected by international law, U.S. President George W. Bush said:

"International law? I better call my lawyer. . . . I don't know what you're talking about, about international law. Better consult my lawyer."
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having a prolonged break at work due to phone lines being down. not entirely unwelcome, I'd have to admit, but there's not much to do about it.

I'm probably off to get some offline coaching soon. or one of the leaders will be accepting mime requests.

it's this season again. seems that certain lines of thought or emotions are recurring with regular intervals. it's sometimes hard to cope with.

but it's a good life.

I'm so looking forward to meeting Metalbird tonight. and I've been thinking a lot about shaliMa today, too.

there are many things I'd like to see realized. sometimes I forget that I must be my own catalyst.
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walking to the tube last night I had to go on the other side of the road from the path I normally take because of the line outside Spektrum.

on my way from the tube some hours later the line was gone. outside each of the steel doors there were standing a few poor souls huddling in the rain, listening to the Metallica concert they were denied watching, but still experiencing it.

I was surprised that I didn't feel much. didn't even make an effort to get tickets. didn't deign the FRS Metallica album stand offering each title at NOK 99 with more than a casual glance.

I guess I really meant it when I vowed during the Napster lawsuit that Metallica had seen the last of my money. haven't bought a title of theirs since, although there have been occasions when I have put a coin or two down for a Kill'Em All song at Møllers.

the man in the morning news this morning drily said, after having aired some excerpts from last night's concert, "not exactly Britney Spears, that."

still, Metallica were and are an amazing live band. I pulled out from my files a sort of newsletter I sent around from the last time I saw them, about at this time of year in 1996. I even caught the train down from my college campus some 600 kms away to watch them with Kjinge.

bear with me, I was a different man then: )

that was then. =þ
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Callie cut my hair last night.

she thought the new style made me look younger than my years.

not bad.

I now look a lot more like my single user pic again.
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after having had a down period of sorts for a while, things start looking up in the workplace.

today is SPIF day (Sales Persons In Focus), and the floors are lined with a serpentine gift board with small presents for each milestone to today's profit goal.

and I helped reach one milestone. this was what the packet I got contained. nice violet color finish, too.
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How is it with Aesir? How is it with elves?
The giant world roars; the Aesir hold council.
Dwarfs groan before their stone portals,
Masters of mountains.
Know you as yet, or what?

I remember a time when I told a friend, "it's been too long since Life gave me a real punch in the face".

it's still waiting to happen, but I've received some hits in the time since.

the melancholy has been really getting to me. when things are not the way they should be. and when I seem to not get around to fixing it, even when they are within my power.

I did finish Jak II yesterday, though.

just now I was just called up by an old, ah, acquaintance from some years back. professionally. she was taking a gallup poll, and didn't recognize me since she couldn't see my name.

she was pretty surprised when I after having answered her questions for fifteen minutes revealed that I knew quite a lot about her background.


the ear ailment that I contracted on the Halloween Festival has been diagnosed as a passing thing, and it's being treated now. my left-hand little finger and ring finger still feel numb, and must be expected to feel that way for still another six months or more.

now I'm waiting for Kjinge to arrive.


Oct. 17th, 2003 10:26 pm
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old Microprose was sucked up by Infogrames, which turned into the resurrected Atari. which no longer offers support for Dark Earth the adventure game.

which won't run here with me. =(

this on top of getting an error when trying to install and run Soul Reaver 2 tonight as well.

I'm feeling a little dump-ish now. seen in contrast to my earlier post today, this should however not be construed as any bipolar symptoms on my part. not much, anyway.
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(posted with the LJ WAP client)

As I'm strolling home from work after having had a literature chat with Kathrine at Avalon I feel particularly pleased with the way my white scarf folds around my neck. It simply looks great. And it provides me with a strong boost of confidence. I have even re-adopted the old habit of arm swinging from my time in the Guard.

The good life is hidden in all the little details.

Oo, there's Em&Steph!
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so the good Raistlins at Dragonlance Underground saw fit to send an invitation to little old me for an interview at their site.

I can't say that I'm not flattered. the fact that I'm writing a post just for this right now should also speak volumes (or at least a few lines) of my pride.

so by all means, go see. it would help if you have a rudimentary understanding of Dragonlance in advance (hey. that rhymed.), but it's not required.
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sure is.

blue sky, crisp air, rays of sun, leaves in yellow and orange hues, good day at work.

these things are enough to make me happy.

that, and old school skate metal.
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oh yeah, so steph fucking spiked my drinmsks at divantonite and I was only goin out wuith bad cop t o stay a little while at mølles but instead rex and rickard showedd up and we went to divan where that goddam french guy was in the bar and that was no fuvcking four centiliters a drink there man, no mate§

and I can't hold no more aned I'm proud to say ;

I love deject.

thamls for 2nite steph, rick, rex.

goddammit, I'mm so gonna overselleep tomorrow.
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What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta
I have tested most of my friends list, with very interesting results. turns out the majority of you people are male after all. =) now, this is supposedly most accurate for English language journals, but the algorithm seems to handle Norwegian just fine.

turns out I'm about a little less male than Tommy BK and a little more male than Maragor. =)
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I started on a poem this afternoon to honor the demise of So What!, and published it to a board set up by the newspaper Dagbladet, functioning as a tabula condolatoria protocol for the club.

this link is norwegian only
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the renowned bar, café, and concert venue So What! is history as of tomorrow.

thanks for all the good times.

you'll be missed.
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Steph & Em have just left, I've edited a proposal for a concert venue on behalf of the bands.

old school gamers should take note of this splendid little rendezvous with the original Prince of Persia game which IGN hosts. I beat four out of their five editors. just look:

3 minutes, 42 seconds. I dare you to do better.

it's great to see this game in almost hi-rez 800x600. and with almost proper sound. and it's all Flash, and it's only half a Meg in size!

we're probably going over to Magnoose & Chris to watch Angel in a short while.
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my D20 abilities

Age: 28 years


Abilities were calculated with "Your D20 Abilities" questionnaire at URL
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copying a proposed British system of handling asylum seekers, a representative for the Norwegian Progress Party now wants to electronically mark people seeking refuge with wrist bands in order to locate them easier. firstly he wishes to mark people with a criminal history, but it is easy to see how practical this would be when hunting down the 3,000 people annually disappearing from their assigned shelter homes.

this is, as draconian it may seem at first look, a system with possibilities. and since the representative cannot see any negative effects from it, there is no reason why it should not be expanded upon. I can't imagine a better system in traffic, i.e. where past traffic offenders would carry a chip in their driver's license or in their active ignition, transmitting their whereabouts to their fellow trafficants.

also, I would deeply appreciate the ability to instantly tell, when negotiating a business deal, whether the other party has been involved in white-collar crimes. perhaps a discreet ring enabled with Bluetooth would do the trick? or a short beep interrupting their voice every thirty seconds or so?

okay mind, start boggling.
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