Aug. 2nd, 2003

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it's less than seven hours until we're gonna catch the train, I'm growing exceedingly tired, and we still have a full load of dishes to do.

head is heavy. fortunately I only have a few more clothes to pack.

tonight I was interviewed for the first time in many years outside of professionally related affairs. don't know when it's going to be published, possibly some time next month. I'm pretty happy with it, and with the fact that I was asked to do it, self-obsessed brat that I am.

now Farmen reported that he and BadCop are for once in agreement about musical issues: the Mars Volta record is the best release of 2003 so far. I need to get that album soon. it still needs to be said, though, that Korova's was the first personal recommendation I had regarding MV. as it often happens. =)

Scapegoat called and hoped for company out, since they were fleeing a party of unknown people. he invited me to join in and try again this year. it'll probably become a more metallic affair this time, at the Factory rather than at the Moonfish.

the annoying thing about Once More With Feeling is that the songs overstay their welcome in my mind. they literally take turns lodging themselves in my brain. each and every day after I first saw the damn thing. no way to get rid of them but to listen to other music.


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