Mar. 10th, 2003

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as we grow older, our points of view tend to shift ever so slightly.

now, I am of the conviction that people never change. at least not once they have reached a certain age.

but once in a while you realize that during the turns of time you've outgrown something you used to like, or come to appreciate a previous object of your disdain.

both of these instances may be both disconcerting and reassuring.

then again, sometimes you want to grow accustomed to something you think you want to like, but can't manage to do it.

and sometimes you want to get rid of what you thought was nothing more than the last lashing out of your adolescence in its death throes. but still you cannot.

first Kris, then Goldie, and now Bast. it's a good thing I'm settled now, nicht war?

she was so refreshingly giddy all weekend. made me feel good about everything.

and now I'm gonna visit her at work.
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yes, I believe that in the course of a lifetime, we do outgrow certain things.

I remember the last time I played with my Zoids, for instance. no longer do they hold that fascination with me. plastic dinosaurs, on the other hand, can still entice me with their alluring personalities and intriguing magic from a childhood decades in the past.

and if I were a miniature gamer, I would probably have transferred some of this into an "adult" hobby. I mean, heck, even BadCop still collects comicbook action figurines.

but even if we wave farewell to old pastimes and objects with a certain amount of chagrin, I still believe that we don't outgrow people in the same way. once a connection is made, it is made to withstand the erosion of years and distance. and I cannot, with my heart or my mind, understand people who say otherwise.

because even if people do change in some ways, we never change that much.


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