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just got an SMS from Sis reporting that she was gonna partake in the demo against war and peace and politics and stuff in Trondheim now. she asked whether I was going to do the same here in Oslo, but I don't think so. something about demonstrations makes me uneasy. more power to the participants, then.

got a phone from one of my team leaders last night inviting me to an after-work get-together tonight. free food and some beers. yeah. sounds like fun. I accepted. =)

by the way, I was going to post an entry by wap on Monday, but it fizzled. the gist of it was that everything had conspired against me, evidently. financial troubles, see. most of them have been worked out now. went to the bureau on Tuesday and nagged them sufficiently to get my money yesterday. now we have our Internet again, rent has been paid, my mobile is working, and I passed the test on Thursday with my ghostly standard bearer waving the banner in the background. =) and I didn't have to shell out NOK 300 for each of the three books overdue from the library. now, my student loan needs attention, but there is still hope.

but I cannot carry on with this low salary for much longer.

however, BadCop's visit on Sunday with some baad warsploitation movies made a difference. "Combat Shock", "SS Experiment Camp" and "Deported Women of the SS Special Section".
"Some real mindfuck, huh?" -- Bent Sæther, Some Real Mindfuck

actually the last movie wasn't all that bad. at least the mandatory sex scenes didn't seem as over-the-top speculative. and the über-baddie was truly inspiring. but a decidedly mediocre movie all the same. read all about it in BadCop's regular cult movie feature in the forthcoming issue of the Film Magazine. =)


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