Dec. 3rd, 2003

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walking to the tube last night I had to go on the other side of the road from the path I normally take because of the line outside Spektrum.

on my way from the tube some hours later the line was gone. outside each of the steel doors there were standing a few poor souls huddling in the rain, listening to the Metallica concert they were denied watching, but still experiencing it.

I was surprised that I didn't feel much. didn't even make an effort to get tickets. didn't deign the FRS Metallica album stand offering each title at NOK 99 with more than a casual glance.

I guess I really meant it when I vowed during the Napster lawsuit that Metallica had seen the last of my money. haven't bought a title of theirs since, although there have been occasions when I have put a coin or two down for a Kill'Em All song at Møllers.

the man in the morning news this morning drily said, after having aired some excerpts from last night's concert, "not exactly Britney Spears, that."

still, Metallica were and are an amazing live band. I pulled out from my files a sort of newsletter I sent around from the last time I saw them, about at this time of year in 1996. I even caught the train down from my college campus some 600 kms away to watch them with Kjinge.

bear with me, I was a different man then: )

that was then. =þ


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