Nov. 14th, 2003

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How is it with Aesir? How is it with elves?
The giant world roars; the Aesir hold council.
Dwarfs groan before their stone portals,
Masters of mountains.
Know you as yet, or what?

I remember a time when I told a friend, "it's been too long since Life gave me a real punch in the face".

it's still waiting to happen, but I've received some hits in the time since.

the melancholy has been really getting to me. when things are not the way they should be. and when I seem to not get around to fixing it, even when they are within my power.

I did finish Jak II yesterday, though.

just now I was just called up by an old, ah, acquaintance from some years back. professionally. she was taking a gallup poll, and didn't recognize me since she couldn't see my name.

she was pretty surprised when I after having answered her questions for fifteen minutes revealed that I knew quite a lot about her background.


the ear ailment that I contracted on the Halloween Festival has been diagnosed as a passing thing, and it's being treated now. my left-hand little finger and ring finger still feel numb, and must be expected to feel that way for still another six months or more.

now I'm waiting for Kjinge to arrive.


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