Sep. 27th, 2003

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disclaimer: yes, I do love Alan Moore's graphic novel. I say Alan Moore's, being conscious that it's unfair to the artist, because I am not particularly fond of Kevin O'Neill's drawing style. I love it because I grew up reading Haggard, Verne, and Stevenson. Wells and Stoker are more recent additions to my favorites list after I reached maturity. additionally, I love steampunk settings.

unfortunately, I was a little disenchanted with the movie.

occasional bits of great dialogue. mostly made up of one-liners, of course.

did not mind so much the changes made to the story itself. it was a rather hilarious romp to begin with, too.

the art and production design was stunning. Nautilus, the robot men, the winter suits, costumes, etc. top notch.

too obvious that Sean Connery, being the only Big Name to star in the movie (and being Executive Producer of it), had to play the leading part.

CGI effects were, alas, a little too cheap in parts of the movie, and subtracted from my suspension of disbelief.

I wonder why we did not see Mina's counterpart during the final showdown sequences.

the introduction teaser was very good.

and the mystery/intrigue aspect of the plot. worked well.

I must confess my considerable disappointment in the characters and how they were written. here's my take:but don't look if you are concerned about very minor spoilers )

there was naturally little time for all the small references that I also loved about the graphic novel. we were referenced to The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Around the World in 80 Days, and Moby Dick outside of the core books from which the main characters were drawn, and that was it. for some reason, M's second in command character was named Dante Alighieri. that's pretty infathomable.

my greatest grief with the movie was that it played far too little on emotions. I fear I am going to forget it pretty soon, for this lack of identifying with the characters. of course, that's not what one usually looks for in a summer movie, but I think it was called for in this case.

it was mentioned last night that Connery was not very pleased with having to go back to Prague twice to shoot additional footage after the movie was done. this would imply a somewhat heavy-handed approach to the movie on part of the studio. I did a little research, and found this saucy snippet of gossip floating around from November, last year:

The mood on the set of Sean Connery's new movie, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," is so bad, crew members in Prague are grumbling they want to go home. Connery and "League" director Stephen Norrington can't stand each other. After Norrington stopped filming for a day because he "didn't like the way an elephant gun looked," Connery threatened to have him fired. Norrington screamed: "I'm sick of it! Come on! Punch me in the face!" "There have been differences of opinion on everything," Connery tells Entertainment Weekly. "I just want to complete the picture."

apparently unforeseen expenses stemming from the floods in Prague last year, ruining five of the movie sets, would have detracted from the overall quality of the film, too.

but I'm not sorry I paid to see it. =)

we're going to Kjinge's place soon, I think.


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