Sep. 20th, 2003

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what does it signify when one is feeling hungry and proceeds to enter into Opera's Google search field the word "food"?
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I have now ripped and uploaded the main intro music written by Wally Beber for the Amiga version of Pool of Radiance. the C64 version is a different composition altogether by David Warhol, and is already available on the net both in the original format and in converted MIDI.

I don't know how to extract the MOD from the Amiga program files, so I captured it from within the game as a 22KHz WAV file and compressed it to MP3 afterwards. I don't know if it's possible at all to sequence it and build a MIDI from it with better sounding instruments, but as far as I know the music has never before been available digitally outside of the original platform until tonight, so it's worth a try.

Pool of Radiance arrived in 1989 as the first official AD&D computer RPG ever and became one of the most popular CRPGs in history. Its engine was used in a dozen other games, most notably Curse of the Azure Bonds (into which one could transfer characters from PoR, and which recycled PoR's C64 music in the PC version). and in recent years it spawned a sequel, Pool of Radiance II: Ruins of Myth Drannor (Ubi Soft, 2001). It was a pen&paper module called Ruins of Adventure, and it also had a Forgotten Realms book trilogy all on its own, written by Jim Ward et al. after the publication of Neverwinter Nights, old fans have recreated the entire game for a new audience, so it is still being played today on a new engine.

the game Pool of Radiance sold an unprecedented number of copies over numerous platforms, including the NES, but only the Amiga version featured this music. I got my friend Scum/Muad'Dib/Jhorid, who owned an Amiga. to record the music for me on a cassette, and I used to listen to it for hours while I played. it captures perfectly the theme of medieval fantasy and D&D, magic and treasure, heroes and monsters. IMNSHO.

here it is, for your listening pleasure:
Game Music - Pool of Radiance.mp3


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