Sep. 1st, 2003

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so the US Environmental Protection Agency sees fit to declare carbon dioxide as a non-polluting gas and therefore exempt from regulations. this, along with certain other measures recently passed by the same bureaucratic instance. enables the nation responsible for full 25% of the world's combined CO2 production to not only continue its virtually unchecked greenhouse gas emissions, but to increase it further. this will fortunately not be a violation of the Kyoto agreement, since the current administration thoughtfully withdrew the US signature from the protocol already in 2001.

certainly, the extreme weather could be all part of a natural cycle, and the 410 mms of rain falling over my home village during the last 18 days could be totally unconnected to human-generated global warming. I'm sure my fellow villagers would be elated to know that the EPA is willing to take that risk for them over there in Washington, and moreover that the Agency has decided that while the jury is out on CO2's harmful/lessness, it's okay to increase the industrial production of the same in the meantime.

after all, nobody could force any American companies or - gods forbid - private owners of combustion-propelled vehicles to cover the bill for whatever economic and material damage global warming, oh pardon, climate change-induced landslides and floods are making overseas, isolating and ruining my home and the people there.

of course, we already have it on strong authority from certain influential US factions that cigarettes aren't harmful to people, either. neither is junk food. or firearms.

E-P-ki-A, motherfuckers.


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