Aug. 30th, 2003

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somewhat unexpectedly, Goldie graciously offered me her ticket to Gothminister and Gåte. nice seeing her, she's going to Paris for the next six months now. tried to get a bunch of people to join in, but as it turned out I ended up going alone after all.

it made me realize that it has indeed been a long time since I went to concerts alone, like I did during my early stay in Oslo. when going all by myself, the fun is for me reduced to approximately a cubic root of the potential of what it could be with the right company.

but Gåte was still good. and although the percentage of the audience coming to actually see Gothminister play support was in the one-digit range, Gothminister managed pretty well. the rumors exaggerate, they don't actually perform using playback as such. singback is more like it. and Machine, the guitarist, definitely did play. (as did Robot, the guitar player of Gåte. heh.) I say Gothminister managed pretty well, considering their pyro show released the fire alarm of the venue and we were ushered out in the chilly summer night and kept waiting for half an hour, only four songs into their show. naturally they did have trouble rebuilding the atmosphere when they resumed playing.

I actually think they should have eschewed the last portion of their set, even if Dementia hadn't displayed half of all her costumes when the unexpected break occurred.

regarding Gåte: no actual tears this time, but yeah. the emotions returned at certain points. and that was all I paid for. but emotions of longing made themselves apparent so soon that I decided to return to Callie before Gåte's set was finished. not too soon to miss the last tube, though. so I walked through nighttime Oslo for 45 minutes before arriving home.

now I'm at work, tired as a rug, but I'm having fun checking out MIDI files, since streaming and mp3 downloads are disallowed due to network issues (we use IP telephony).

but even using the acclaimed and expensive Roland synth library that Microsoft has licensed, there's a distinct feel of Mambo Kurt. if any of you have even better libraries, the quality would be improved. if you have worse - well, brace yourselves.

relatively small size and non-CPU intensive (however dependant - it slows when the CPU becomes busy with highter prioritized tasks), plus the fact that it doesn't clutter up the wavesound channels, it's well suited for work radio.

beware - lots of them are nothing but painful to listen to. but what's good is good. or at least mildly amusing. alright, let's say "interesting".

I find it's a lot like an audible way of interpreting a score sheet of music notation, since that's really what the computer presents. mechanic and yes, pretty static. but helpful nonetheless. here are a few tasters:

Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy (instrumental)
Metallica - Damage, Inc.
Tool - 46 & 2
Tool - Ænima
Pantera - Mouth For War
Type O Negative - Love You To Death

when browsing along the archive yourselves, the larger files usually equal higher quality.

the good news is that conversion of MIDI files to polyphonic ringtone format is possible. hey, hey! =)


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