Jul. 28th, 2003

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now that we're all mostly sober again, I think it's time to evaluate the concert itself more closely, beyond the "great"s and the "super"s generously distributed immediately after the performance ended. given that we were more or less familiar with the musical material (which btw is perfectly adequate), I'm going to concentrate on the other aspects.

but before and after I need to mention that we had the pleasure of listening to DJ Tommy BK's (for the occasion posing as DJ Twitch) too-rarely played metal sets. kudos go out to one of the best and most highly profiled industrial discjockeys this country has to offer. do make sure you get your own radio show in Sussex, man!

and after this brief tarrying, on to the concert:

the sound was, from my e.a.r.-plugs-protected point of hearing (my sincere thanks to the band for the thoughtful distribution of these in advance), a little on the dry side, despite the evening showers earlier. =) but given the equipment and general setup, nobody is really in any position to complain about that particular element anyway. so let's dwell on the actual performance.

the playing was impeccable, especially considering that KK broke his only pickup half a minute into Nothing New, the opening number. lesson learned there, I'm sure. =) I was also satisfied with the amount of headbanging and energy displayed. and I'm fairly certain that the band's self-imposed limited booze ingestion policy prior to the concert was a very good idea; because their timing and playing accuracy left nothing to be desired. we could hardly notice that this was their first time playing to an actual audience.

Steph's lyrics-supporting gesticulations was oddly recognizable from what we have observed from him on various dancefloors on earlier occasions. nice to have familiar elements present, I must admit. KK remarked yesterday that he'd have wished for a little more introduction and presentation between the songs, but this is as a matter of course completely optional. if I was forced to take a stand on the matter, the no-nonsense attitude and limited verbal interaction outside of the actual lyrics does suit an upstart band. in time I expect this to change as the audience becomes more familiar, but one really doesn't have to say much at all. the two only actual song introductions (to Loveless Absinth, I believe, and lastly to the new song) were sufficient.

I didn't get the impression that this was a very playful band. which admittedly is somewhat odd, considering the way we know the various band members. I'd encourage just a tad more humor, or at least more emotion and feeling displayed on stage. after all we're not supposed to stand around like grim blackers with arms crossed, are we? not that I found Steph's jumping around or Rikard's headbanging to be insufficient, but I would like to see still more of things like that. anyway, this too I expect will be remedied in time.

later note: one more thing I missed: more efficient branding of the band. I'm not talking giveaways per se, just factual things like awareness of the website addy, the band logo being visibly displayed somewhere, and maybe a few copies of the demo for sale. I guess the rack signing session later on must have been deemed more appropriate. >=)

so, some personal comments and observations before I'm done. feel free to skip. =)

once more: big, big thanks to KK for opening his home to all of us. it was a night to remember. my basil marinated salmon bbq did perhaps suffer from a little bit too much garlic, but I fortunately had my trusty bottle of Dutch genever at hand to combat bad breath. obviously that didn't exactly work wonders for my stinky breath on Sunday, but what the hey. I got drunk. =)

Callie complained that I was about to fall instant asleep in her lap under the canopy, so I eventually realized in my stupor that the best option was to find somewhere to sleep inside the house. two pretty comfy chairs in the TV room was more than we could have hoped for. unfortunately, after a couple of hours Callie observed that I fell to the floor, still within my sleeping bag. there is evidence present to support the accuracy of that observation, namely that I can bear testimony that I did indeed wake up on said floor by the sunlight at about ten the morning after.

fortunately we were able to get another four hours or so of sleep later in the day.

happy endings! =)

edit: this entry was, due to the way-off centralized system clock at work I had to backdate this to the correct time and date, which was Monday 28. at 13.13. I think.


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