Jun. 25th, 2003

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last night deserves an update.

first, inviting Metalbird and Jim was a good idea. space restrictions made me reconsider the first carte blanche I had issued, and forced me to go back on my word. which I never enjoy.

Maragor and BadCop dropped in on our vorspiel anyway, so my initial misgivings were proven to have been in vain. and Magnoose tipped me off to John Dee to get a free giveaway copy of Life Is Killing Me. great guy.

the TON gig last night was memorable. although the concert in and of itself was, in my opinion, slightly less than expected. odd. something to do with playing few, but long and old songs for the Norwegian audience, and missing material from the new album (they played only I Don't Wanna Be Me; and as an encore at that). I must not be the hardcore fan I thought I was.

ran into Tjalve leaving for his lunch break as I was accompanying Kjinge to the station today. they're gonna play in Leipzig soon, with Type-O and Slayer among other bands.

Rex & Zathyra are a cute couple. =)

a slightly unsettling, but ultimately fun coincidence happened a few minutes ago. unfortunately I cannot post any details at all. =P


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