Mar. 27th, 2003

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didn't like that word when used in connection with my preferred brands of entertainment. just goes to show I'm more self-assured and comfortable with myself now. =)

couldn't sleep after BadCop called me at 00:15 (out taking Gizmo for a walk) being thirsty. we were reading in bed (Callie V for Vendetta, I a piece of DL brain candy, as Cassii put it.) so I just finished The Rose and the Skull by Jeff Crook now - that's my third DL book in a row, more than I've read since my WoS overload this summer. I like Crook. liked his Thieves' Guild, too.

damn. I feel like there was something important I had to write here, but now it's disappeared on me.

I really hope there isn't much talk of war and peace and politics on afdl now. Rohan (not Maragor) would probably have come up with a few choice phrases already. but sometimes I just want to leave all that behind. wallowing in imaginary stories of a fairytale land of dubious origins. sure, I can be blamed for that. but realism is so, so bleak.

this train of thoughts took me back to when I was fourteen and had just finished The Silmarillion and discovered D&D. I had some plans for the creation myth of my world already.
I think it went a little something like this. )

gods, I've been sitting here for the better part of an hour now. sleep, now.

last thing eaten: spaghetti and cheese. no, wait, just the cheese. or was it the rest of the pepper cookies from christmas? payment better be due soon.
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as soon as I realized the implications of watching that name being displayed, my heart skipped a beat and resumed its pace with a 50% speed increase. I'm not kidding.


an not entirely unexpected turn of events, this. but unfortunate. possibly even tragic.
and it makes me simultaneously frustrated, elated, grieving, restless, comforted, and crippled.

I cannot let this pass without some sort of reaction. it does call for a sacrifice on my part. and I need some sage advice.

what did she say to me the other night... "you are widely respected. you should use that respect more, to let your friends know when their behavior isn't good."

yeah. but who's gonna tell me?

suddenly I feel trapped. =(

last thing eaten: 2 cups of instant cauliflower&broccoli soup


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