Mar. 19th, 2003

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A: fish and ships.

we made some today. well, Callie did, while I just threw them into the sizzling oil in the frying pan.

re. tv shows - watching reality tv is an ok form of entertainment. I don't really have issues with those, unlike many concerned authority figures. but one has to admit the voyeurish aspect to it all. agreeing that it's dumb, then going on to watch in excess of half an hour of it while pointing and laughing only testifies that one is de facto part of the target audience. which has previously been the target of condescending comments. nice self-contradictory position.
also, Son of the Beach is a mystery to me, with its attempts to parody certain body-fixated shows. it's pretty amusing, as parodies of the parodies go. but by employing over-the-top muscle/fitness/boob model actors, it makes itself the target of its own jokes - it's just as discriminating to people who feel offended by the silliness of the purported importance to live in a Baywatch body.

done now.
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not sure if any attempted boycott of US products would be very effective. I mean, Disney? Freia Melkesjokolade (Kraft General Foods, you know)? Star Trek and Buffy? but hey, whatever rocks your worlds. I just lit up a Marlboro myself. not a particularly poignant act of defiance, but they were out of other types of 100mms.

I would have preferred Winstons, really.

last thing eaten: Maragor's forgotten bag of KIMs X-tra Punching Paprika, 5 minutes ago.
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this is a list from the Norwegian national radio stations of music deemed not appropriate for airplay in the current situateion. read more here (Norwegian).


funny that Ozzy's solo version of War Pigs is rated while the Black Sabbath original (and all the eminent covers thereof) is not.

pleased to see that while Israelvis' Last To Die is there (the verse goes "The last to die and the first to be born again"), they didn't censor the infernal beat of their tune Mutilation from '93. try and look it up, everyone. I'm very fond of that one.

it's hard to be lonely, on the road, and writing a song about it. best Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead Or Alive is spared our sensitive ears.

Maiden's Be Quick Or Be Dead, concerning tabloid press practices, was chosen over Afraid To Shoot Strangers, surprisingly. good, I really like that one. the latter, that is.

last thing eaten: slice of bread with raspberry jam, 10 minutes ago


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