Mar. 16th, 2003


Mar. 16th, 2003 11:12 pm
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came in from playing S.N.O.W. with Narrenschif & Kim, amongst others. I'm officially impress'd the fuck out of by the amount of work and talent Narrenschiff displayed in that product. it's a board game made from scratch with plaster playing pieces and gameboard beautifully painted, and wacko rules to boot. and a couple of flamethrowers. Callie is definitely going to like it.

last nite was good.

watched 3 Buffy episodes with Callie when I came in from RockIn where I had sat alongside Sareeta, Farmen, and Lazare because the latter was too good company to abandon when we took the bus together down from Kathulu/Arcticon's party where good fun was had and I finally got to talk to Lorien, who arrived there just as myself and Tommy BK had entered seeing as we went by bus together up from his apartment where we enjoyed a bottle of beer and good music in advance, since I forgot to buy anything because I was busy eating Callie's delicious white wine sauced chicken earlier.

heh. chronology inverse. =)

Shadowlove on Friday also was acceptable, but economy restrained our enjoyment, so to speak. called it an early night, comparatively.

the last installment of VGR is due in twenty minutes. Callie's still at Møllers. I should go and occupy the bathroom before she arrives, or there won't be time until an hour from now, at least.


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