Feb. 6th, 2003

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eating yesterday's leftover basmati rice out of the casserole now. it's surprisingly yummy. especially the layer of condensed or coagulated rice (okay, it's hardened) next to the bottom is the best.

Mikey is weird, in a fun and totally harmless way. last night on the way down from work he staged an impromptu get-together for the people from work at Møllers of all places. that was cool.

now I'm shortly off to meet Steph at Divan. =)
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Steph is working on a longer De Profundis letter, which he says he'll send me before departing for France.

didn't like not hearing about the accident until last night. =( and hope Maragor doesn't get complications to his concussion because of his partaking in the national championships this weekend. and hope Kathulu's wrist comes thru fine so she can play more piano for us without being troubled by it. and hope Mo's bad conscience will pass with time.

Callie's at parental place. hope she brings some food. noodles aren't that nutritious after all. not that she would touch the little wiggly things, but I need some nourishment right about now.

doing fine at work. my contract was extended by a month, which seems to be a little bit unusual. it appears that I'm well liked. I have been involved with more serious enterprises, though.


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