Jan. 19th, 2003

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I had wanted to see the super group of Norwegian metallers "covering all my favorites" last night, but the tickets were sold out, and besides it could never have been better than the evening Callie offered me anyway. Taco shells and iced spice cake. candlelights and Men in Tights.

and this wondrous little Clackham Cross, from Ancient Magic:
Clackham Cross

it suits me perfectly. =) I asked her now why she thought I needed "Serenity and Grace". she retorted: "Well, have you observed yourself walk"?


the Marquis and I wrote a splendid introductory document halfway through today.
I just came in from visiting him now, in fact. got to make a very special guest appearance as Stordalen in an improvised radio play of Krane's Café by Cora Sandel, too. =)

we're definitely making progress, and I think it is possible to convince the owner that ours is going to be his best alternative. we're meeting up tomorrow to finish it anyhow.

if smoking is going to be outlawed on every serving place in the country from next year, though... hm. it sure looks like it's gonna happen now. but oh well. it's going to affect everybody in the same way anyway. nothing to fear. or so I tell myself.

seems Maria has quit her job as manager at Hagen's Daughter to go on to work at Dolly Dimple's at Frogner. surprising. and it apparently happened some time ago. need to get back to her on that.


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