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walking to the tube last night I had to go on the other side of the road from the path I normally take because of the line outside Spektrum.

on my way from the tube some hours later the line was gone. outside each of the steel doors there were standing a few poor souls huddling in the rain, listening to the Metallica concert they were denied watching, but still experiencing it.

I was surprised that I didn't feel much. didn't even make an effort to get tickets. didn't deign the FRS Metallica album stand offering each title at NOK 99 with more than a casual glance.

I guess I really meant it when I vowed during the Napster lawsuit that Metallica had seen the last of my money. haven't bought a title of theirs since, although there have been occasions when I have put a coin or two down for a Kill'Em All song at Møllers.

the man in the morning news this morning drily said, after having aired some excerpts from last night's concert, "not exactly Britney Spears, that."

still, Metallica were and are an amazing live band. I pulled out from my files a sort of newsletter I sent around from the last time I saw them, about at this time of year in 1996. I even caught the train down from my college campus some 600 kms away to watch them with Kjinge.

          .-/ \                                 / =-\-.
      _.-~ /   \___  ______ __  _    _     _   /___| ~-._
      \ /  -~||  __||_  __//  || |  | |  /| | / __/| .\ /
       / . . ||  __| | |\ / ' || |__| |_/ | || (_/ |   \
      / / ~| ||____| |_| /_/|_||____|____||_| \___\| |\ \
     / /   |-~\    \ \ \ | || ||    |    // / /   /~-| \ \
    / /__ / \  \____\|\_\|_/|_||____|___//_/\/___/  / __\ \
   /  .-~\   \-~                                 ~-/\/~-.  \
  /.-~    \                                         /    ~-.\
 /~      .-                                         -.      ~\
 \    .-~                                             ~-.    /
  \.-~                                                   ~-./

Oh, poor touring me...

The style:
I dressed in a white embroidered shirt, black bowtie & suspenders, 
Airwalks & my shiny black polyester pants. Sported my black Cebe 
shades, the remainder of Saturday's Smirnoff in my hip pocket, and, 
of course, a huge cigar in my mouth.

The stage:
I got a good view in front of the two stages (it was shaped like an 
8, with the audience crowding around). We all did, by the way.

The support:
Corrosion of Conformity played trad HM, but sufficiently wild show 
to rock the audiance real good in advance.

The Mets:
Loads of old material (get it? :P), from the Kill'em all/Ride the 
Lightning medley right down to Breadfan(!) as extra.
Only 3 songs from Load, namely Sleeps, Bitch, & Twisted.

Starting w/ Caress!
BTW, u  guys did know Glenn D. wrote that song, didn't ya?

Cont w/ Creep, & then they just blew the roof off the Spectrum when 
Jaymz asked: "You want it heavy?" (yeeee) "'K, here's sum real heavy 
stuff 4 ya..."
Sad But True!

Man, did it rock!

And when Jason sat down & did a medley of bass intros, Misery, Sanitarium, 
going over in Nothing...

And when the Het, drinking water from a pint-sized glass, looked at 
the audience, pointing to the glass & back at them, then just flinging 
it upon'em. "You wanted it", he chuckled into the mike.

And when they ran around the stages, allowing us to reach out & try to 
grasp their clothes (I once got a hold of Jason's tee, he's actually smaller 
than I am)... 

And when the spiked one (Kirk) tried to be witty, playing the intro to a-ha's 
Take On Me, which he totally fucked up, much to the mirth of the audience.

And when Lars jumped up & down at the top of the stage in an attempt to get 
the audience to work out, sweating to earn his drumsticks. He looked so 
ridiculous, at the same time having quite a show.

And when James did an almost entirely acoustic version of Nothing...with 
altered harmonics in the bridge, BTW, the tension...

And when they played One...

The intro, w/ all those bombers, rockets and machine guns corresponding w/ 
fireworks & flashlights from the stages...
And James's fury as he shouted:
"Landmine!" (BOOOM!)
"Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell"
And at the very end of the song, when the smoke cleared to reveal Jason 
standing at attention, saluting... We were moved to tears.

I will say nothing of the end part, after they had re-lit the stage... No, 
nothing at all.

The greatest gig of all time, crushing Pink Floyd to bits & pieces, & u 
missed it, fuckers! 

Check interviews at

U shoulda been there. Really. Say hi to Torbjørn, Inge, Bjørn & the gang.



that was then. =þ
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